JJ Sports Catering sponsors pro ball player in his first year at Bristol Flyers!!!

JJ Sports Catering have stolen in ahead of all the competition and will sponsor Bristol Flyers latest recruit; Hameed Ali for the coming season!!!

We are so happy about this, it’s another step towards a great partnership between us and the Flyers this year.

Wearing no#1 at Point guard for the Islanders #IslandersMBB , Hameed Ali comes off the back of an amazing senior year at Texas A&M Corpus Christi; Ali heads the uni’s all time leaderboard for career steals and is up there with all the best for assists, free throws and three pointers!

Reading between the lines though, it isn’t just the stats that count with this player. Ali has developed into a real asset who can read and manage the game, he has 5 seasons in a program that has helped him develop into the coach’s eyes and ears on the court!

No doubt Ali, in his first pro year, and his new coach Andreas Kapoulas will hit it off and bring a whole new game to Bristol!

We can’t wait to see Ali and his team mates in action, It’s going to be through the roof this year!