Inspiring Sport In Your City With Bristol Flyers

We had the privilege of joining the Bristol Flyers squad, the staff, volunteers and the fellow corporate sponsors and fans for the launch party to the 2016/17 BBL season last night (12/09/16).

Meeting the players and getting so close to the feverish enthusiasm and unbelievable energy of the team was a real treat. The future was discussed with great hope, the expectations are high from everybody involved as Bristol has arguably done more to enhance their own reputation, and the reputation of the British Basketball League with the changes made recently than any other team in the league.

One of those changes is Hameed Ali, fresh from his senior year, he looked a real force versus the USA Select team last Thursday, we were delighted to meet the guy that we will sponsor, he was a humble and engaging guy, good to meet you Hameed, and welcome to Bristol!

It did strike us though that regardless of how the team performs this season, they have actually already won!


Some key words buzzed around the room all night; community, inspiration, family.                  These ideas were clearly not confined to those present last night, Bristol Flyers haven't just bought into another tagline! This amazing community of people are the origin and the drive behind the 'Inspiring Sport' ethos! With their energy the kids of Bristol will come into contact with the ultra competitive game of Basketball and it will be brought to them by people of passion and ability. Bristol, as a community is definitely going to benefit from these guys and the game!

No doubt that the Bristol Jets will bring the same energy to the cause and help bring Bristol kids, and adults alike into two great sports! @jetsbadminton

As a company it was great to step away from the paper chase for a minute and become absorbed into this story, we are thrilled to have a connection with the Flyers family and have no doubt that the character of the team and the community will help us become more than just another catering company.

Go Flyers...